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Working Together

I work with clients face-to-face or online to enhance their diet and lifestyle, helping them to reach their health goals quicker. 

If you are interested in having a consultation, I recommend you book a free 20-minute consultation to discuss your health concerns and presenting symptoms. This short, informal consultation is also an opportunity for you to ask me questions about my practice and gauge whether I am the right fit for you. If you are keen to move forward and work with me, I will suggest an appropriate package for you.

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My packages acknowledge that making changes to your health and lifestyle takes time and commitment from my clients and myself. These programmes act as a template for how we work together. However, no two clients are the same, and each client will receive their personalised protocol catered to their individual needs.


From £1350

This package is designed to support couples preparing for natural conception or those considering assisted reproductive technology (IVF/IUI/ISCI). Whichever your journey, each partner plays an equal role in a successful pregnancy.



This programme is designed to support women at different stages of life, whether preconception, postpartum or in between pregnancies, addressing imbalances and nutrient deficiencies that could be driving their symptoms. 



This package is designed to support you and your baby through each stage of pregnancy. Preparing your mind and body as the body transitions through each trimester, for labour and the postpartum period.

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Tired of struggling with infertility? Trying to manage symptoms of PMS, PCOS, or Endometriosis but confused about the endless conflicting information on the internet?

Book in a call to find out how we could work together to support your health and get to the ROOT cause of what is stopping you from making a baby.

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Wonderful words from happy clients.

"I couldn’t recommend Isobel enough as a fertility specialist! My conception journey wasn’t totally straightforward, as so many aren’t, but talking to Isobel was a real turning point for me. Not only was she totally reassuring, kind and empathetic- taking the time to fully get to know my situation and health but she was also amazingly knowledgeable. She provided me with such useful information to take forward. Isobel recommended the right supplements for myself and my husband to take and provided me with nutritional advice to help get my body as ready for conception as I could. After seeing her I felt more relaxed and positive about the journey ahead. It was only a few months after we spoke and took on board her recommendations, that I fell pregnant."

Rebecca Benton

I went to see Isobel after struggling with Alopecia Areata for several years. My hair was dry, and I had several bald patches that wouldn’t disappear. In addition, my skin was dry, angry and dull. The sessions I had with Isobel were very informative. She took into account my current lifestyle and showed me where I could make small changes that would make a big difference. I also really felt like she wanted to help me, and having seen several professionals about my Alopecia, this was the first time I felt like the advice offered would work and was tailored to me. My Alopecia has almost completely disappeared since working with her and taking her advice on diet and supplements. Something that I didn’t think was possible a couple of years ago! I can’t thank her enough for the time and energy she put into helping me get my hair growing again and for the knowledge she shared with me. Aside from the hair regrowth, I feel generally happier and healthier, have better skin and more energy, thank you so much!

Helena Alfrey

I had no idea of the impact changes to my diet and lifestyle could have on my health and fertility journey. Seeking help in someone like isobel is invaluable. She did not just help with fertility, but my overall health. I now feel I understand so much more about nutrition and how to feed myself and my family. Thank you, Isobel. I am forever grateful.

Sarah Brown

We had been trying for our second child for about a year before I reached out to Issy. Isobel has a really good understanding of the body and how to get it to work harmoniously. I realise now how important nutrition is for how we feel daily in our lives and, of course, making a baby.

She is so passionate about what she does, and I found that really inspiring and motivating. Isobel really wants to help you and get you results; her heart is 100% in it. She is straightforward and to the point, which gives you great confidence in her. You won’t regret working with Isobel because you learn so much, and what you learn ripples throughout your whole life. Yes, fertility might be your main reason for working with her, but the education you receive on nutrition and your body is invaluable. I 100% want to work with Issy again for general life maintenance.

Jess & Max

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