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This package is designed to support couples preparing for natural conception or those considering assisted reproductive technology (IVF/IUI/ISCI). Whichever your journey, each partner plays an equal role in a successful pregnancy.  Recent research highlights that male infertility affects up to one-third of couples, female infertility one-third and one-third to the combination of the two. Therefore, both couples must take the time to prepare their bodies, optimise their nutritional status, and increase the quality of their sperm and egg quality before conception.

Many factors can create obstacles for couples trying to conceive; pre-existing health conditions, environmental stressors such as pollution, poor diet or nutritional deficiencies, to name a few. Addressing these in both partners will have a positive impact on fertility outcomes.

It takes three months for a follicle to mature into a healthy egg and a similar time for sperm to mature, so let's spend the next three months optimising their quality!

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3-4 months

  • 9 consultations

  • 1 initial consultation with both partners (120 minutes)

  • 8 follow-ups (40 minutes)

  • Analysis of two Health Questionnaires

  • 3-5 day diet diary analysis

  • Bi-weekly check-ins to keep you on track with your personalised protocol

  • Unlimited WhatsApp support

  • Nutrition and lifestyle education and guidance

  • Personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan for both partners

  • Personalised recipes & and meal plans 

  • Unlimited handouts and resources

  • Referral letter to GP or consultants, if required

  • Support with testing (functional & NHS) & and the interpretation of their results

  • 10% discount on recommended supplements 

​​Testing is not included in the price but will be discussed in the free 30-minute call.



The functional medicine approach looks at a patient as a whole person, it also does not aim to cure symptoms, but it strives to find the root cause of health imbalances, through an individualised, patient-centred and science-backed method, which shows patients how to regain health and vitality. When it comes to infertility, this is extremely important. Understanding the root cause of why couples are struggling to conceive is not just important for helping them to get pregnant, but also for creating a healthy baby and ensuring the mother is in good health throughout her pregnancy, labour and into motherhood.

This is where functional testing comes in, it can provide you with answers to your unanswered questions. I have included some of my go-to test below.

Microbiome Testing

A comprehensive stool test and a vaginal swab can help assess the microbial ecosystem in a client's gut and vagina. Why is this so important? Because imbalances in the gut/vaginal microbiome (also known as dysbiosis) have been associated with several conditions, including infertility. Assessing your microbial ecosystem through testing can help a practitioner understand how a client's microbes essentially impact their health and ability to conceive.⁠

Advanced Hormone Testing

Dutch testing (Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones) offers a range of tests that help give clients a better understanding of what is going on with their hormones across the month and how their body is detoxifying hormones. These markers are essential for clients suffering from hormone imbalances such as PCOS, monthly migraines, PMS, and infertility. It also looks at stress's role in a client's infertility picture, which can be a crucial driver for some.⁠

Advanced Thyroid Testing

The thyroid gland is so important for fertility, and many aspects of our health, because the hormones it produces are needed by every cell of our body. Having too much or too little of these hormones has been linked to fertility problems and miscarriages as well as issues with the foetus development.

Sperm DNA Fragmentation Test

DNA fragmentation, or sperm quality check, looks inside your sperm to assess the quality of your sperm. A DNA fragmentation test gives important information as it identifies DNA damage in sperm. Research shows that DNA quality is an important factor in male fertility and is fast becoming the go-to fertility test to really understand a man's fertility.

It is never to early or late to make changes to your health.

Infertility Statistics

Infertility is on the rise, and there are many factors involved including, with male factors alone contributing to 30% of cases.

1 in 6

Around one in six couples in the UK will experience difficulties conceiving, that's over 3.5 million people.


of reproductive-aged couples worldwide struggle with infertility (WHO). Globally that's 48.5 million couples who experience infertility.


Male factor alone contributes up to 30% of cases of infertility.


25% of infertility cases have no identifiable cause. In other words, no reason is offered for why those couples can't conceive, with conventional treatment being the next step. However, there is often so much more that can be done to understand the bigger picture, and this is where a fertility specialist comes in to help get to the root cause.

It takes three months for a follicle to mature into a healthy egg and a similar time for sperm to mature, so let's spend the next three months optimising their quality!

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