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About Isobel Austin-Little

My passion for fertility and supporting women on their journey stemmed from my own experience. Throughout my 20's I suffered from hormonal imbalances, which presented as PMS. It took me a year for my periods to return after coming off the pill, and when they did, they returned with a vengeance! They were heavy, painful, lengthy and irregular, fluctuating between 21 - 32 days. I found myself regularly having to work from home or call in sick due to the pain, spending those days curled up with a hot water bottle and painkillers. As the severity of my periods worsened, I found it hard to ignore my symptoms. I was recently married, and both my husband and I started to think about building a family. When looking at my cycle and its irregularities, I feared that this might affect my chances of conceiving - how was I to know when I was ovulating when my cycle was so erratic and changing each month?

After a few uneventful visits to my GP, I decided to take matters into my own hands, get various blood tests done, and tweak my diet and lifestyle to increase my chances of conceiving naturally. It turned out I was bordering anaemic, and my hormones were all over the place. I convinced myself that it would take some time to get pregnant, and that was that.

While I got pregnant quickly, the stress, anxiety and rollercoaster of emotions I felt in the lead up made me think about all the women out there struggling to conceive. Women being constantly disappointed each month after taking pregnancy tests, being told they're infertile by their doctor, and having to consider alternative fertility treatments made me feel I had to do something to help. My knowledge of preconception care and all the incredible ways to support fertility with foods, herbs and supplements undoubtedly made my husband and I conceive quicker. My journey and knowledge made me want to develop my fertility expertise and help couples regain control of their fertility, allowing their bodies to do what they were designed to do and conceive naturally. 


I am a member of BANT (The British Association of Nutritional Therapists) and the CNHC (Complementary and Natural Health Care Council). I continue

to develop my understanding of nutrition and functional medicine through various CPD programmes and events.


I couldn’t recommend Isobel enough as a fertility specialist! My conception journey wasn’t totally straightforward, as so many aren’t, but talking to Isobel was a real turning point for me. Not only was she totally reassuring, kind and empathetic- taking the time to fully get to know my situation and health but she was also amazingly knowledgeable. She provided me with such useful information to take forward. Isobel recommended the right supplements for myself and my husband to take and provided me with nutritional advice to help get my body as ready for conception as I could. After seeing her I felt more relaxed and positive about the journey ahead. It was only a few months after we spoke and took on board her recommendations, that I fell pregnant.

Rebecca Benton, 31

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