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The focus of the postpartum period, also known as the 4th trimester, is to replenish nutrient stores, allow the body time to heal and promote a healthy milk supply. It is easy to forget about nutrition once the baby has arrived, but did you know that nutrient needs are higher in breastfeeding mums rather than pregnant mums? You are still feeding and growing a baby, just in another way and a healthy diet equals a healthy mum, healthy breastmilk and a happy baby.

Once the baby has arrived, it is easy to forget about yourself as suddenly time goes out the window. However, taking the time to rest, recover and nourish the body is your one-way ticket to a healthy recovery.

This package includes:

  • 4 consultations

  • 1 initial consultation (120 minutes)

  • 3 follow-ups (60 minutes)

  • Analysis of two Health Questionnaires

  • 3-5 day diet diary analysis

  • Bi-weekly check-ins to keep you on track with your personalised protocol

  • Unlimited WhatsApp support

  • Nutrition and lifestyle education and guidance

  • Personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan for both partners

  • Personalised recipes & meal plans for both partners

  • Referral letter to GP or consultants, if required

  • Support with testing (functional & NHS) & the interpretation of their results

  • Practitioner discount on recommended supplements

Testing is not included in the price, but it will be discussed in your free 30-minute call.

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