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When you are a new mum, finding time for yourself is not always easy, and when you get it, it never lasts for that long! My “Mumma's Hour” is designed for time-poor Mumma’s who need answers to their health questions.


During the hour you have with me, here are just a few things we can discuss:

  • Presenting symptoms and health concerns (Breastfeeding support, postpartum recovery, thyroid issues, gut issues, etc)

  • Blood test analysis

  • Supplement queries (10% discount off supplements)

  • Appropriate diet and food focuses to support your needs

  • Lifestyle concerns and ways to improve those areas of focus

  • Product guidance (for Mum and Baby)

  • Guidance on recipes and I will suggest a few appraise for your needs.


The goal is to leave you feeling informed and empowered about the change you could make that will significantly impact your health and happiness. Remember, happy mumma, happy baby!

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